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Hollywood actors will tell you they’d be ecstatic to receive an Academy Award, but they might also confess a bigger delight in becoming a recipient of a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award. That’s because SAG Awards come not from a panel of industry experts, but directly from other actors — their peers.

We know the feeling. At Eisenhower Medical Center, we take great pride in the many awards we’ve achieved from prestigious organizations (check them out here!). Yet there’s something special about an honor bestowed by your cohort. It’s validating to be recognized by the people who really know and understand your work.

That’s why we’re thrilled that nurses have honored Eisenhower Medical Center as the best hospital to work at in California.

Nurse.org recently named Eisenhower Medical Center the No. 1 hospital in the state for nursing careers. The ranking was based on a survey of more than 1,800 nurses in 314 hospitals across California.

“We’re in wonderful company,” Ann Mostofi, MS, RN, vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer, told CBS Local affiliate in a recent interview. “Hospitals that you would think of as prestigious throughout California are also in the top 10 … It’s quite an honor to be named the No. 1 hospital [for nurses] in California.”

We’re grateful to the nurses, within and beyond the Eisenhower Medical Center system, who recognized our organization as a standout choice for nursing careers. Their vote of confidence reinforces our commitment to maintaining a work culture that trusts, values, and supports the contributions of our highly talented nursing staff.

Here’s how we strive to make nursing at Eisenhower worthy of your praise:

All About Excellence

Excellence takes center stage at Eisenhower Medical Center, where nursing practice ensures delivery of the highest levels of quality patient care and safety.

Ours is the only healthcare organization in the Palm Springs area to have earned the renowned Magnet designation. Bestowed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Magnet status recognizes not only our unwavering support of evidenced-based clinical practice and patient-centered care, but also our dedication to elevating the professional development of the nurses who share their skills with us.

Nurses at Eisenhower enjoy professional autonomy in their practice and have strong, widely respected input into patient care decisions. We trust our nurses to exercise initiative and discretion in clinical decision making, and we encourage them to be transformational leaders within our organization throughout their careers.

“As a nurse employer, we want to make sure that nurses are empowered … to be involved in improving healthcare as well as delivering the best care to patients,” Mostofi said. “What is important to [our] nurses is that they are respected and valued as individuals, that they are allowed to grow professionally and personally.”

A Culture as Committed to Employees as Patients

Nurses find the respect they deserve at Eisenhower Medical Center. In fact, respect represents one pillar of the foundation of our clinical practice — a foundation also built on integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Our culture gives top billing to patients and employees alike. We’re simultaneously devoted to providing extraordinary care to our patients and an exceptional work environment for our clinicians, other employees, and volunteers.

Teamwork in not an ideal here, it’s the norm. We nurture collaboration, and we cultivate a supportive climate among and between clinical disciplines. Strong intraprofessional bonds are formed here.

We’re also just as concerned about our employees’ health and well-being as we are our patients’. We encourage nurses to take advantage of our health and wellness programs and community health lectures. Nurse employees of Eisenhower Medical Center enjoy free access to our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Education — Every Day, Every Way

We also prize nurses’ professional well-being. As a recognized, cutting-edge leader in healthcare, we make clinical education a priority.

At every stage of their careers, we encourage nurses across the Eisenhower Medical Center system to participate in lifelong learning. Our highly valued Nursing Education Program includes nursing grand rounds, access to free and low-cost continuing education, tuition reimbursement for degree programs, and other professional development activities.

Recognition Where It’s Due

As much as we appreciate nurses for giving us a high-five, we want to return the love.

Our Executive Leadership Team makes it a point to regularly recognize and reward performance excellence among Eisenhower employees. Our recognition programs range from the Jackie Lee Houston Shining Star award, which honors individuals who go above and beyond their job responsibilities, to the on-the-spot rewards of our Pat-on-the-Back program. We show our appreciation when nurses and other employees reach milestones, such as their one-year anniversary with our organization and at each five-year mark, as well as special longevity acknowledgement for 10 years of service.

And, of course, our everyday appreciation for nurses culminates with special events and rewards during National Nurses Week.

At Eisenhower Medical Center, we hold nurses in the highest regard; and we’re gratified to know they feel the same way about us. To learn more about why California nurses have honored us as a great place to work, visit our Careers page and find your next great nursing job.

Originally posted on 30/8/2017

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